The institution of Mahasammata is the common or great (maha) consensus (sammatta) which articulated laws and ensured justice in an integral holistic worldview understood by the wisest sage and the simplest fool. 

It is expressed by the formula if you live in dhamma, Dhamma will protect you...  

And the land its people, flora and fauna will be safe. 

This was nothing less than a personal and societal undertaking to behave well. 

In this spirit we have drafted a possible consensus for today. 

The Consensus (draft)

We, the citizens of Mahasammata, a free and sovereign society of like-minded sentient beings, who agreeing that knowledge of oneself is an unique and individual pursuit, hold the following to be true and irrefutable:

  1. All life is sacred and sacrosanct.
  2. All knowledge, science and technology arising from human achievement must be utilised towards this value.
  3. The most critical and valuable material in maintaining the life support system of the planet is its photosynthetic biomass.
  4. Society is a free association of independent individuals for mutual benefit.
  5. All in Society must do all we agree to do and not encroach on other persons or their property.
  6. Society has a duty to transmit human knowledge and all its benefits to generations yet to come.
  7. Society has the ability and so the duty to provide the best quality of food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare it can to its citizens without compromising the viability of all extant living species and generations yet to be born.
  8. All citizens can avail themselves of the benefits of knowledge, science and technology in common with their fellows. 
  9. Each citizen may choose, with ever increasing freedom and complete independence, whether they will or will not assist in any project placed before them.
  10. This is the consensus of us all: if man lives right the people and the planet will be safe.

Edwin J Connors II, Swami Siva Kalki, Manik Sandrasagra, Mudiyanse Tennekoon, Ranil Senanayake, Patrick Harrigan & Amrik Jayewardene
Buckminster Fuller, J. W. Smith, C. H. Douglas & Richard Maybury 

e. o. & e. 


Kataragama Yantra

Kataragama Yantra